Best mobile games for Android you can play in 2019

As we all know now android is the shark of mobile operating systems. It is from google. It has been really awesome that we have such a operating system. So android is not only limited to the mobile smart tv are also making with android. And Android has been the most open platform for developers. Making applications and games for android is much easy affordable then other platforms. Till now there has been many updates of android arrived. And with the updates many changes have been found in the android. And also, you should know as it is very much open it can be dangerous for users so users should also should be careful. As there are many games available in android which are really good and loved by many people. Then also we have picked best games for you.


It is a very popular pc game. It makes a huge fan base within some time. After that it also get released in mobile. And becomes heavily popular in this platform.

It is a Battle royal game for always free. Here you can play with your friends for last man standing. 100 players will fight with each other of winning the game. You can add players from your social handles. It is available in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

This game also in the top list of the IOS.

Pubg Mobile

This game has a huge impact in gaming community. It becomes a very popular game just after it’s release. It loved by many people. After this game the no. of mobile gamers increased very rapidly. Its pc version was released much ago then the mobile version. But the mobile version is much popular to the people.

It is also a battle royal game.  There are many maps and modes are available in this game. Which make it more awesome. Here also you or your team have to survive till the last for winning the game. You can play 4v4 maximum. Other modes are like death match, zombie mode etc.

This game also in the top list of the IOS.

Tample run 2

It was running game which become so much popular. At that time maximum people with smartphone, and have interest in games seen playing this game very enthusiastically. It was really good game though. Without any violence and anything. Safe clean game liked by all age groups.

It this game you have to just navigate you character while he or she is running. For that you have to jump, slide, glide, etc. And you will also get some powers for making your running easy. So can you run further. And as you go far away your speed increases.

Mobile Legends

An action genre good game. Liked and played by many. These games were little bit different from other games in mobile platform. So people really liked it very much. And other good things about this game is you can connect with your friends with real time while playing.

It is a battle game 5v5, you can make team with your friends. For beating other teams in showdown. You can play with real humans. That was really an interesting part of the game. Which makes the game that much popular.

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